ESSB Panelstudy on Quality of work-life and wellbeing in the Digital Society

Why this panel study?

In the last decades, many new forms of work have emerged because of two major trends in the Dutch labour market: Flexibilization and technologization of work. Therefore, Erasmus University Rotterdam starts a large, independent panel study with the aim to investigate the effects of flexibilization and technologization of work for both traditional and new groups of workers. We will examine (differences in) the perceived quality of working conditions and the well-being of workers in The Netherlands.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is "at work" in the Dutch labour market can participate, so:
  • People in paid employment (permanent, temporary)
  • New groups of workers (self-employed, freelancers, platform workers, entrepreneurs, flex workers and hybrid workers)
Why participate?
  • You will gain insight into your own work experience, working conditions and well-being.
  • You help researchers of the Erasmus University Rotterdam conduct independent research into the advantages and disadvantages of flexibilization and technologization of work.
  • You will receive an annual payment of 5 euros for your participation in this panel, after you have completed our questionnaire on two different occasions.
  • You will receive a semi-annual report on the main findings of our research.
How can I participate?
  • We ask you to register and to complete a questionnaire twice a year.
  • Our questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • If you become a member of our panel, you could be invited to participate on a voluntary basis in max. three spin-off studies per year from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.